Frequently Asked Questions
Visitors of Daintree River Cruises ask us a multitude of questions, these are some of the regular questions we’re asked about crocodiles since 1987
Q. “When is the best time to view wildlife”
Answer. In the cooler months of the year our crocodile success rate is 98% we have noticed that low tide can also increase chances of wildlife sightings.
Q. “Do your boats scare off crocodiles”
Answer. No this is a marketing scam out and about on the Daintree River. Crocodiles are habitual and are very used to our boats. New crocodiles who come into the River and are not familiar with boats not just our boats any boats will be more elusive but if they stick around in the Daintree River, they do become familiar with the boats that operate every day such as ours.
Q. “Is it more difficult to spot crocodiles and other wildlife in Summer”
Answer. Yes, as like human’s wildlife also feels the heat but you never know what you will see until you give it a go. December, January and February are our hottest months of the year and also our wet season. If you are travelling in these months give us a call as low tide tours are highly recommended at these times of the year.
Q. “Will we see crocodiles if it is raining”
Answer. Crocodiles do not mind getting wet
Q. “Do you guarantee crocodile sightings” or “Will we see crocodiles”
Answer. As a wildlife operator we are subjected to many variables which we have no control of. Bruce Belcher’s Daintree River Cruises is conducted in the wild & crocodile sightings CANNOT be guaranteed. However, we have been operating since 1987, and in the well over 40 000 tours conducted, our crocodile success rate has been 98% particularly in the cooler months. If you do not see a crocodile, we are happy to give you a complimentary return ticket. – Low tide also increases chances of sightings.
Q. “Does the crocodile breeding season and nesting season affect sightings of them.”
Answer. Yes, although through this time of the year October to the middle of March you may be lucky to see males fighting, crocodiles courting, mating and hatchlings.
Q. “Do you feed the crocodiles”
Answer. No... Feeding crocodiles in the wild including other wildlife is illegal in Queensland.
Q. “Do I get a refund if I do not see a crocodile.”
Answer. No. In cases where customers do not see a crocodile, we will give you a return complimentary tour.
These are the questions we’re often asked about other wildlife
Q. “Are birds and other wildlife besides crocodiles viewed on the tour”
Answer. Yes, our tours focus on flora and fauna with an emphasis on the estuarine crocodiles, history of the area is also included. If you are a keen birdwatcher please note that our boats do have roofs, if this is not sufficient then we do have recommendations.
Living in the wet tropics, unfortunately we can’t control the weather, but these are some of the main questions about the weather and out wet season.
Q. “Will I get wet on the boat”
Answer. Most likely, if it is raining and if there is wind it will blow the rain in sideways also there is a 200mtr walk to the boats which is not covered. Our vessels are fitted with clear screen awnings that can be pulled down by the guide in case of heavy torrential rain however this is only when there is heavy torrential rain as the screens can limit visibility. Our Wet season is typically from December to February be sure to give us a call to check tides and conditions if you are travelling in the wet season.
Q. “Do the tours operate in the Rain”
Answer. Yes, and customers should dress weather appropriate and check the weather forecast on date of travel.
Getting here by transfer, bus or self-drive, keep a look out for our Aussie Flags
Q. “Do you provide transfers”
Answer. No guests must make their own way to our business.
Q. “Is the departure point down by the car ferry.”
Answer. No, we depart from our Private Jetty Search our address on google maps or you can find our address on our website. 2856 Mossman Daintree Road Lower Daintree.
Can I get on the internet while I’m there to post my amazing photos on Instagram
Q. “Is there WIFI at the property”
Answer. No, there is no WIFI at the property. Being offline is the new luxury, so sit back and enjoy the whistling of the birds.
Checking in upon your arrival and what to bring and wear
Q. “Where do I check in”
Answer. Check in and collect boarding passes from the reception desk onsite. Search our address on google maps or you can find our address on our website. 2856 Mossman Daintree Road Lower Daintree 4873 QLD.
Q. “Can I wear flip flops”
Answer. Yes, enclosed shoes are not a requirement.
Q. “Should I bring insect repellent and sunscreen.”
Answer. Yes, and Yes also dress weather appropriate and check out the weather forecast on date of travel.
Q. Should I wear long sleeve shirt and trousers
Answer. No causal dress is fine.
Making a booking for a Bruce Belcher Daintree River Cruise
Q. “How can I book the River Cruise”

Answer. You can book Bruce Belcher’s Daintree River Cruises on our website.

Be sure to give us a call first to make sure you are not booking on a high tide.

Q. “Can I just show up on the day without a booking”
Answer. Pre booking is essential to avoid disappointment especially if you have to travel a far.
Q. “Do you operate in February.”
Answer. Yes, but only on low tide so be sure to call ahead and check tides and conditions due to the wet season.
The boats at Daintree River Cruises
Q. “Is the boat safe”


Yes, very safe or else we would not be permitted to operate.

Q. “Does the boat have a roof.”
Answer Yes all of our vessels have roofs.
Q. “Do we get off the boat any time whilst on the tour.”
Answer. No and no swimming either.
Bringing children and infants
Q. “Can I bring a pram on the boat”

Answer. No due to safety we do not allow prams to be taken on our vessels alternatives that are permitted are capsules and slings for infants.

Q. “Should I bring a life jacket for my child”
Answer. No, our vessels are fully equipped and meet all AMSA operating requirement’s life jackets are made to fit all passengers. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times on the property and on the boat.
Food and drinks
Q. “Can we purchase meals at the property”

Answer. Light snacks and drinks are available at the property we only cater for groups upon request for food alternatives we recommend the Daintree Village which is located 10 minuets up the road from the business. We do have meat pies however they must be pre ordered as they take around 1 hour in the oven.

Q. “Do you have a vegetarian option or gluten free option for the 12pm Aussie Lunch Cruise.”
Answer. We do provide a vege option but not a gluten free option.
Disability and Impairment
Q. “Is the boat wheelchair accessible”

Answer. No. There is a 200Mtr gravel path to the boat which has slight inclines and declines then 6 steps. Wheelchairs cannot fit on our gangway which connects to the pontoon.

Q. “Are service animals allowed on the property.”
Answer. Yes, but please call in advance and let us know if you are bringing your service animal.
Q. “Can I pat the dogs on the property”

Answer. Ask first our dogs are very laid back and do not like to be harassed for pats.

Q. “Can I bring my dog or pet to the property and on the boat”
Answer. No, we only allow service animals on the property. If you have a service animal please call in advance.




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