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M.V. Mangrove Jack II - was designed to be comfortable, quiet and to maximize our Daintree River cruises observation. Guests are encouraged to stand on the front deck to get “up close and personal” with wildlife on our Daintree crocodile tours. The boat is covered, and we have clear screens in the event of rain. The boat, being small and more personalised allows our guides to interact with guests. Therefore, loud speakers are not always required.

The comfortable seats on our Daintree tours face forward for best viewing. They are padded and have back rests. It has a liquor license and drinks can be purchased at our land bar to be taken on board for your cruise.

MV Mangrove Jack I – is our original boat. It carries 20 people in forward facing seats for best wildlife observation. This small boat also has weather screens and personal contact with guests and our guides is encouraged. Binoculars are provided. Being our smallest boat, its maneuverability can get into tighter positions easily.

MV Northern Nellie – is a little different as it is not a conventional boat but designed more for family groups of up to 18 guests. It is very comfortable, has a table for snacks and a liquor license which is ideal for private charters.

About Bruce – your Daintree discovery tours expert

I enjoy seeing the delight on people’s faces as they see crocodiles and other animals in the wild for the first time, just as I did on my first encounters.

I have travelled the world during my youth, but there is nowhere that suits me more than the Daintree River.

Hello, my name is Bruce Belcher and my family, and I and our guides are celebrating over 32 years as a tour guide on the Daintree River.

As a small family Daintree river tours business we have a great lifestyle with our own private boutique facility on the riverbank in a Conservation Park.

Over 40,000 trips of experience counts!

My involvement in tourism started from humble beginnings as a trainee tour guide, learning the knack of how to spot wildlife – so 40,000 trips later I have an eagle eye for spotting wildlife!

I offer you a one-hour Daintree cruise experience observing wildlife, with an emphasis on providing the best Daintree crocodile tours available. Other aspects include tree-snakes, pythons and Daintree bird watching on our crocodile tours, natural history of the region and the mangrove eco-system.

Binoculars are provided on our cruises because we want you to see and enjoy our wonderful World Heritage Area that we’re lucky enough to call home.

My obsession with the river and with providing Daintree tours comes from my childhood and growing up with the aboriginal people on Mornington Island, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, where I learned a lot about what we are presenting on our tour.

About Griffith Belcher

Our son Griffith was born in Mossman which is just a short distance from the Daintree River. So, he has grown up here at our home on the banks of the Daintree river and life here is second nature to him.

Having achieved his trade as a diesel mechanic, he has taken on the responsibilities of maintaining our machinery, particularly our outboard engines. He then shares tour guiding with Bruce and Ray. Griff, grew up on our boats and the transaction from child into an adult working with wildlife was so natural and easy.

As a parent, my wife and I hope to groom Griff to take over the family business eventually. It’s a big responsibility operating 7 days a week. He grew up with our dream and it has become part of his lifestyle.

About Ray Evans

Ray, joined our team in 2010 after arriving from interstate. He always had a passion for wildlife and was particularly interested in Steve Irwin, and his crocodile presentations. Steve Irwin, known as the Crocodile Hunter.

Having spent some time familiarising himself with boat handling and studying, he became a certified river guide. Now, some years later, he is regarded well by his peers and is one of the best guides on the river.

Apart from his good knowledge of crocodiles Ray, enjoys sharing knowledge and interests about snakes, with his guests. He is frequently called out afterhours to remove snakes from neighborhood houses. This is done on a voluntary basis.

Ray believes he has found his niche here and has become part of our family business which he enjoys very much.




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As an operator in a Conservation zone we recognise the importance of meeting the highest environmental standards. Our business was designed around the environment, with the buildings and walkways constructed to minimise the impact.

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Our boat was designed to be comfortable, quiet and to maximize our Daintree River cruises observation. Guests are encouraged to stand on the front deck to get “up close and personal” with wildlife on our Daintree crocodile tours.


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